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Glass is Tomorrow Exhibtion: Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Array — February, 22 2016

The “Glass is Tomorrow” exhibition was mounted at Nationalmuseum Design from 17 June to 23 August 2015. The exhibition featured a selection of pieces from the various workshops, presented thematically by manufacturing method.

Glass is Tomorrow: Boda

Array — February, 15 2016

7 – 12 July 2013 Boda Glassbruk (SE) Designers: Dina Baïtassova, Nathalie Dewez, Matti Klenell, Pia Wüstenberg, Camille Roger Glass Blowers: Simon Kashmir Holm, Eino Mäkelä, Fredrik Nielsen, Vanessa Royant, Jeremy Wintrebert Partners: The Glass Factory In the 1960s and 70s Boda teamed up with life and creativity.

Glass is Tomorrow: Nuutajarvi

Array — February, 15 2016

September 2011 Designers: Alfredo Häberli, Lucie Koldova, Cecilie Manz, Rony Plesl, Tadeáš Podracký, Hubert Verstraeten, Heikki Viinikainen, Dan Yeffet Glassblowers: Antoine Brodin, Róisín de Buitléar, Matteo Gonet, S ara Hulkkonen, Iittala Blowers,

Glass Is Tomorrow

Promoting design-led craft, Glass is Tomorrow brought together a series of emerging design talents with glassmakers for a series of workshops in european glassworks, mounted multiple exhibitions and published a culminating book.