TF Magazine #2

— February, 16 2016

TF Carries Metal Work Further

Innovation takes shape in furniture, creative projects, cities and their users

In this second edition of TF magazine, you will find a series of articles and interviews with our customers, designers and architect partners, members of our sales team and of our co-design and product  development studio. Supporting the values of sustainability, quality of life and comfort, while constantly listening to others, the TF team wants this to be a communication tool for sharing their expertise and passion for research, development, innovation and the production of furniture, signage and urban displays with a strong identity. With a clear message, highlighting real-life experiences, TF brings its proven experience in steel work and metalwork to local communities, designers and architects promoting projects. The objective is to provide suitable, quality solutions to cities and their users. TF is positioned to as both an industrial concern and a manufacturer and co-creator of custom pieces.